Truly Impressive

As an abutting landowner I have had a front row seat the past few months for a DOT project in Keene. The project was constructing a roundabout at the intersection of NH Rte 9 and Base Hill Road. I looked forward to a much safer intersection and it certainly is now that the roundabout is operational.

What was truly impressive was the lack of disruption to traffic flow in a very busy intersection as Chuck Cannon, his crew from Weaver Brothers and DOT engineer Zach Paight, methodically proceeded to get the work done but keep traffice moving. Chuck seemed to be everywhere at once as he guided the work and pitched in himself, sweeping, watering plantings, moving traffic barrels, etc. Their staging area and construction trailer was adjacent to the road into my property and I couldn’t have had a better neighbor. I am grateful for the consideration they gave me in my comings and goings.

As citizens and taxpayers we are well served by projects such as this, contractors like Weaver Brothers and DOT employees like Zach Paight, Steve Caradini (and his fellow surveyors), all very pleasant people to deal with.

-Walter Lacey